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State of the Black World Conference V

Global Africans Rising:
Empowerment, Reparations and Healing
April 19-23, 2023 | Baltimore, MD

Recent SOBWC Posts

Here are a few posts from our SOBWC archive.
Stay tuned for conference reports, photos and videos coming in the days ahead.

SOBWCV Day 1 April 19, 2023 - Herb Boyd

SOBWCV–Facilitating Connections and Cultivating Collaborations Across the Entire Black World

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By Herb Boyd — One of the themes that resonated in the eventful five-day State of the Black World Conference V in Baltimore last week, under the auspices of the…
IBW21 Commentary, Articles and Essays by Bill Fletcher Jr.

Hearing the tree fall: The State of the Black World Conference, the Montana Accord, and the future of Haiti

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By Bill Fletcher, Jr. — Walking into the Baltimore, Maryland Convention Center on April 22nd, I was uncertain as to what expect. The much publicized and fifth “State of the…
Vantage Point: Dr. Ron Daniels is joined by Rev. Dennis Dillon and Dr. Zienzi Dillon

Vantage Point: The Dynamic Dillons with The State of the Black Economic World Report

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May 8, 2023 Edition of Vantage Point Vantage Point host Dr. Ron Daniels is joined by Rev. Dennis Dillon (Editor/Publisher, New York Christian Times, New York, NY) and Dr. Zienzi…
IBW21 SOBWCV - Maurice Mitchell, Tarana Burke, LaTosha Brown

Dynamic New Generation Speak on Final Day of the State of the Black World Conference V in Baltimore

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By Don Rojas — Speaking with eloquence and passion, three dynamic members of the new generation of Black leaders--Maurice Mitchell, National Director, Working Families Party; Tarana Burke, founder of the…

Post SOBWCV message from Dr. Ron Daniels

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The State of the Black World Conference V concluded Sunday, April 23, 2023. There's much to report about. Stay tuned for conference report, photos and videos to be released in…
IBW21 SOBWCV April 2023 - Darnia Hernandez Palomino

SOBWCV concludes with calls for stronger global Black connections by Dr. Julius Garvey and Dr. Ron Daniels

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Also featured Black Voters Matter Co-Founder LaTosha Brown, WFP National Director Maurice Mitchell, and #METOO Movement Founder Tarana Burke Sunday marked the powerful conclusion of the star-studded, five-day State of…

What is SOBWC?

Convened by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, the State of the Black World Conference is an international gathering of people of African descent to assess the condition of Black people in the U.S. and globally with working sessions around key issues.

SOBWC-V 2023 Goals

  • Reassessing the Impact and Implications of the historic 2022 Mid-Term Election on the State of Black America and the Pan African world.
  • Expanding the Multifaceted U.S. and Global Reparations Movements to empower and heal Black families, communities and nations.
  • Advancing strategies and models to effectively address issues of vital concern to Black America and the Pan African world, e.g., the War on Drugs, mass incarceration, gun violence and fratricide, gentrification, environmental justice, climate change, safe, clean and accessible water.
  • Advancing strategies and models for socially responsible, human-centered, democratic and sustainable entrepreneurial business/economic development in Black communities in the U.S. and the Pan African World.
  • Mobilizing/organizing the Global Black Diaspora to engage Africa to foster the development of interdependent, self-reliant, business/economic, social and cultural enterprises, institutions and initiatives.
  • Promoting a consciousness and commitment to Black self-support, self-reliance and self-determination to consolidate, expand and empower Black organizations, agencies and institutions for the survival and development of Black families, communities and nations.
  • Promoting cross-generational dialogue and engagement to advance strategies and models to empower and heal Black families, communities and nations

Programmatic Features

Pan African Institute

  • The State of Democracy and Development in Africa, the Caribbean Central and South America

National/International Town Hall Meetings

  • The State of Black America and the Pan African World
  • The State of the Global Reparations Movement

Issue Area Plenary and Working Sessions

  • Environmental Justice, Climate Change and Water as A Human Right
  • Displacing Black People and Black Culture: Gentrification as a State of Emergency in Black America
  • Socially Responsible Black Business/Economic Development
  • Combating Gun Violence and Murders/Fratricide in Black Communities: A Public Health Crisis
  • Reimagining Public Safety and Law Enforcement
  • Making Black Lives Matter
  • Building the U.S. and Global Reparations Movements
  • Hip Hop Summit: The Role of Hip Hop in the Black Freedom Struggle

Special Sessions

  • Global Black Leadership Summit Breakfast
  • Global Black Women’s Leadership Summit Breakfast
  • Global Black Mayors and Elected Officials Roundtable Breakfast
  • Crisis in Haiti: The First Black Republic
  • The Black World Media Network

Opening and Closing Ndaba Plenary Sessions

  • Cultural/Spiritual Rituals
  • Welcome, Greetings and Solidarity Statements
  • Keynote Presentations

Legacy Award and Cultural Extravaganza

  • Presidential Legacy and Pan African Service Awards to Outstanding Leaders from the Global Black Community
  • Cultural Presentations
  • African Jump Up!

African Market Place

  • Exquisite Variety of Black Arts, Crafts, Apparel and Black Products
  • Exhibits by African and Caribbean Travel and Tourism Bureaus
  • Informational Booths by Civil Rights, Social and Civic Organizations
  • Informational Booths by Conference Sponsors

Invited Guests

*This partial list of speakers, panelists and resource persons is a representative sample of those who are being invited to participate in these roles at SOBWC IV. Most are friends, allies, supporters with whom we have excellent relationships. Therefore, we fully anticipate that the majority of them will confirm their participation.

  • Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
  • Hon. Mia Amor Mottley
  • Hon. Dickon Mitchell
  • Hon. Francia Marquez
  • Hon. Hon. P.J. Patterson
  • H.E. Sidique Wai
  • Dr. Julius Garvey
  • Danny Glover
  • Marc Morial
  • Dessima Williams
  • Leslie Voltaire
  • Jesus Chucho Garcia
  • Professor Hilary Beckles
  • Chavannes Jean-Baptise
  • Eric Philips
  • Hilary Brown
  • David Comissiong
  • Makmid Kamara
  • Dr. Leonard Jeffries
  • Dr. Greg Carr
  • Susan Taylor
  • Dr. Julianne Malveaux
  • Mel Foote
  • Akon
  • Bobbi Wine
  • Cong. Hakeem Jeffries
  • Cong. Joyce Beatty
  • Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee
  • Cong. Barbara Lee
  • Cong. Gregory Meeks
  • Mayor Johnny Ford
  • Hon. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi
  • Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard
  • Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba
  • Mayor Ras J. Baraka
  • Rev. Lennox Yearwood
  • Hilary Shelton
  • Rick Adams
  • Dr. Taiwan Lovelace
  • Ronald Hampton
  • Sherman Lea
  • Baba Greg Akili
  • Kareem Aziz
  • Bishop Franklin Madison Reid
  • Maurice Mitchell
  • Dr. George Fraser
  • Dr. Stacie Grant
  • Rev. Dennis Dillon
  • Rev. Jonathan Weaver
  • Dr. Verene Sheppard
  • Haki Madhubuti
  • Dayvon Love
  • Jocelyn McCalla
  • Monique Clesca
  • Lionel Pressoir
  • David Abdullah
  • Dr. Claire Nelson
  • Dr. Randal Pinkett
  • Melanie Campbell
  • Makani Themba
  • Mabre-Staly-Butts, Esq.
  • LaTosha Brown
  • Tarana Burke
  • Pastor Michael McBride
  • A.T. Mitchell
  • Erica Ford
  • Rev. Robert Turner
  • Dr. Joy DeGruy
  • Areva Martin, Esq.
  • Rev. Dr. Sheridan Todd Yeary
  • Angela Autin
  • Jamala Rogers
  • Enola Aird, Esq.
  • Damien Goodmon
  • Assata Richards
  • Michael Middleton
  • Monique Harden, Esq.
  • Dr. Joe Baptiste
  • Hon. Lionel Baptiste
  • Mirelle Fanon Mendes France
  • Don Rojas
  • Nick Taliaferro
  • Roland Martin
  • Dr. Divine Pryor
  • Dr. Melina Abdullah
  • Milton Allimadi
  • Dr. Muhammad Nurhussein
  • Bill Fletcher
  • Patrice Sultan
  • George Gresham
  • Dr. David Harris
  • Cassandra Frederique
  • Larry Hamm
  • Atty. Nkechi Taifa
  • Dr. Cheryl Grills
  • Dr. Amara Enyia
  • Robin Rue Simmons
  • Kamm Howard
  • Justin Hansford, Esq.
  • Coumba Toure
  • Emira Woods
  • Dorothy Johnson-Speight
  • Jennie Amison
  • Marilyn Mosby
  • Dr. Terry Watson
  • Bashir Akinyele
  • James Early


Some items are subject to be revised.
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