The Beating and Murder of Tyre Nichols

Statement by Ronald E. Hampton, Convener of the IBW21 Police Justice and Accountability Task Force


5 helpful tips for Black millennials struggling with home affordability

By Jeffrey McKinney


Florida teachers forced to remove or cover up books to avoid felony charges

By Erum Salam


Third World Press recovering from flood damage

By Herb Boyd


New Year wishes and work: Pursuing and practicing peace

By Dr. Maulana Karenga


How Jeffries’ leadership of his historically Black fraternity shaped his career

By Mini Racker


Herb Boyd: A Major State of the Black World Conference V Coming in April


Why African Americans are flocking to Ghana

By Isaac Kaledzi


Flood Fund for Third World Press Foundation


As its only remaining elected officials depart, Haiti reaches a breaking point

By Becky Sullivan


For Black voters, great expectations of America’s lone Black governor

By Ovetta Wiggins, Erin Cox and Lateshia Beachum


State of the Black World Conference V

April 19 – 23, 2023 Baltimore, MD


Brother Martin Was a Blues Man

A Boston Review Book Talk with Cornel West


9 MLK quotes you won’t hear mainstream media cite today


Martin Luther King’s last speech: I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

Recorded April 3, 1968


The kind of revolution that Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned

By Esau McCaulley


Rightwing group pours millions in ‘dark money’ into US voter suppression bid

By Brendan Fischer and Ed Pilkington


Small rebellions

By Saudi Garcia — Anti-blackness is on the rise in Ayiti. But Haitians and Dominicans are resisting, in ways big and small.


A Blueprint for Black Liberation

By Dara Mathis


Haiti left with no elected government officials as it spirals towards anarchy

By Luke Taylor


Haitians can now get parole to enter the United States

Here is how the program will work. By Jacqueline Charles


Black Americans shaping a new America

By Cheyanne M. Daniels


White Supremacy and January 6: What’s missing from the congressional report

By Anthony DiMaggio


As temperature drops, incarcerated people brace for dangerously cold conditions

By Katie Rose Quandt


Campaigners salute Dutch for slavery apology

... but insist further action needed on reparations front.


City Council votes to study reparations for Black Bostonians


How Africa can avoid getting scrambled

By Howard W. French


Charlene Mitchell, a freedom fighter of unimpeachable integrity, passes at 92

By Herb Boyd


Donald Trump just made criminal history

By Greg Walters


Dutch PM apologizes for 250 years of slavery

By Robin van Lonkhuijsen, Jan Hennop


Statement by Dr. Ron Daniels on President Biden's apology for American slavery


Ghana's president urges Africa to stop 'begging'


Black male teachers can make big difference in lives of their students

Why are they so rare?


The First Call: All Roads Lead to Baltimore for SOBWC V

April 2023 | Baltimore MD. Theme: Global Africans Rising - Empowerment, Reparations and Healing.


A message from Dr. Ron Daniels: SOBWC V April 2023, Baltimore MD


State of the Black World Conference V

SOBWC V to be held April 19 – 23, 2023 at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hilton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Theme: Global Africans Rising – Empowerment, Reparations and Healing.

Registration, Hotel & Conference Information

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