Cheer Her or Jeer Omarosa?

By Dr. Ron Daniels


Haitians Resurrect Honour for Historic Heroes

Newer generation reminded of roots by statues of iconic figures that went unnoticed for long time


Aretha Franklin

Musical Genius, Truth Teller, Freedom Fighter.


Slavery Routes: For All the Gold in the World

To expand their wealth, the Portuguese set up the slave trade, in which Africa was the centre.


Charlottesville belies racism’s deep roots in the North

A southern city has now become synonymous with the ongoing scourge of racism in the United States.


The White Nationalists Are Winning

Fox News anchors and high-profile politicians are now openly pushing the racism of the alt-right. The fringe movement’s messages have permeated the mainstream Republican Party.


Births of a Nation

Surveying Trumpland with Cedric Robinson


Call for Papers and Participation Benin Reparations Conference, Sept 19-21 2018

Returning to Source: The Future of Reparations and Restorative Justice for Afrikan Enslavement