May 11, 2019 - A Fundraising Tribute to Don Rojas

Brooklyn, NY — Danny Glover, Talib Kweli, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dr. Ben Chavis, Sir Hilary Beckles and others


Reparations — There Is a Plan.

NAARC's Preliminary 10 Point Reparations Plan


Watch: Pan African Unity Dialogue (PAUD) Malcolm X Commemorative Meeting

February 23, 2019, New York, NY


Watch: National Town Hall Meeting on Gentrification in Black America

April 5, 2019, Newark, NJ


National Emergency Summit on Gentrification — Synopsis of the Proceedings


NAARC Applauds Interest in Reparations by 2020 Presidential Contenders

Calls on all the Candidates to Support HR-40


When Slaveowners Got Reparations

Lincoln signed a bill in 1862 that paid up to $300 for every enslaved person freed.


How Reconstruction Still Shapes American Racism

By Henry Lewis Gates, Jr.