King’s Vision in Action

MLK Day Edition of Vantage Point Radio with Dr. Ron Daniels and Guests Phillip Agnew and Rev. Dennis Dillon


The History That Shaped The Atlanta Neighborhood Where MLK Was Raised

By Evey Wilson


African Diaspora Rising — The Year of “The Door of Return to Africa”

By Dr. Ron Daniels


Mumia’s Lawyer Discusses New Boxes of Evidence Found


Tribute to Don Rojas on a Special Edition of Vantage Point


Shame and Shade in Birmingham: In Praise of Angela Davis

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux


University of Glasgow Commits to Pay Reparations for Profiting From African Enslavement

By David Love


Reparations for Black People Should Include Rest

By Janine Francois


New exhibit explores how a long past of racist housing policy shaped New Orleans

By Jennifer Larino


Gentrification: The New “Negro Removal” Program

By Dr. Ron Daniels

Don Rojas

Don Rojas

Don Rojas is in the Fight of his Life… Please help us help Don!

Family, friends and colleagues of highly- respected, progressive journalist and activist Don Rojas have launched an international GoFundme campaign to assist Don in raising the resources required to fight a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. He and his family need our help. Please support this campaign.