Reaffirming the Essential Message of Kwanzaa

By Dr. Maulana Karenga


The First Call: All Roads Lead to Baltimore for SOBWC V

April 2023 | Baltimore MD. Theme: Global Africans Rising - Empowerment, Reparations and Healing.


A message from Dr. Ron Daniels: SOBWC V April 2023, Baltimore MD


Post-midterm election town hall focuses on effective Black coalition building

By Sam P.K. Collins, The Washington Informer


4 largest cities in America will be led by Black mayors

By Nicole Chavez


Second Local Reparations Symposium to Convene in Evanston

NAARC and FirstRepair to Host Leaders from Across the Nation - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to Attend as Special Guest


Nat'l Town Hall Meeting

Streamed live Nov 10th from Howard University - 2022 Midterm Elections Impact on the State of Black America and the Pan African World


State of the Black World Conference V

April 19 – 23, 2023 Baltimore, MD


What’s at Stake: The 2022 Midterm Elections and the Impact on Black America

By Dr. Ron Daniels


What to expect at COP27

By Devika Rao


No Limits on Reparations for Blacks in America

National African American Reparations Commission Supports High Point N.C. NAACP


Slavery's Archive: Confronting Jesuit Slaveholding at Georgetown University

By Cassandra Berman


Report examines startling highs–and–lows of mental health treatment in the US

By Stacy M. Brown


State of the Black World Conference V

SOBWC V to be held April 19 – 23, 2023 at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hilton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Theme: Global Africans Risings – Empowerment, Reparations and Healing.

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