Will Gaza Be Biden’s Vietnam?

Vantage Point Vignette by Dr. Ron Daniels


Haiti leaders reach deal to form transitional council

By Agence France Presse (AFP)


Slavery tribunal? Africa and Caribbean unite on reparations

By Catarina Demony


Tennessee Republicans introducing “Don’t Say Reparations” legislation


Vantage Point: Failed U.S. Policy and the Crisis in Haiti

Apr 8, 2024 — Dr. Ron Daniels is joined by special guest Pierre Espérance, Secretary General, Haitian Human Rights Defense Network, Port Au Prince, Haiti.


Dismay in Addis Ababa as ‘the soul of the city’ is razed for development

By The Guardian


One woman’s battle to push Africa’s space race

By Marco Oriunto


Haiti Support Project hosts rally for Montana Accord

By DaQuan Lawrence and Folly Kouevi


Temporary channel opens as authorities strive to clear Key Bridge wreckage

By Megan Sayles


How we achieve a multiracial democracy

By Angela Glover Blackwell


Donald Trump has already laid out his 5-step Fascist plan

By Robert Reich


Biden campaign should invest in the Black Press

By Charles Cantu and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.


Trump allies plan to reinterpret civil rights laws to protect white people: Report

By Nikki McCann Ramirez


1921 Tulsa Race Massacre survivors to appear before Oklahoma Supreme Court


How to take on Haiti’s gangs

By Pierre Espérance


ICYMI: An Easter Monday Prayer to Resurrect Haiti

An urgent call for friends of Haiti to pray for a resolution for the horrific crisis in the first Black republic — Dr. Ron Daniels.


Haiti on Fire, Part II: A Message for Barbecue: Be Like Malcolm

By Dr. Ron Daniels


The men who fell from that bridge are the people who build our nation

By Petula Dvorak


The toll of Haiti’s escalating armed violence by the numbers

By Jacqueline Charles


Resolving the Crisis in Haiti — Dr. Ron Daniels

March 21, 2024, Washington, DC — Dr. Ron Daniels delivers closing remarks at Forum/Rally “Resolving the Critical Crisis in Haiti – The Role of the Montana Accord Movement”.


The Problem with Baltimore

By Anthony Smooth


Reparation mechanisms and a development framework

From local moments to global movement: Reparation mechanisms and a development framework. By Sir Hilary McD. Beckles


Michelle Austin Pamies: Courageous Women Resolving Crisis in Haiti

March 25th Woman's History Month edition of Vantage Point


CARICOM urged to maximize economic opportunities being provided through the AU

By Garfield L. Angus


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