Justice for Greenwood: Black America’s Black Wall Street

A Vantage Point Vignette by Dr.  Ron Daniels


National Town Hall Meeting: The State of the Reparations Movement

Saturday, June 22, 2024 3PM EST — Featuring a screening of Erika Alexander’s The Big Payback


On Juneteenth let us remember, racial terror did not end with slavery

By Ben Jealous


A Brief History of African American Cuisine

By Ashley Sankey


Rightfully remembering our enslavement and freedom

By Dr. Maulana Karenga.


Haiti’s Prime Minister officially names his ministry cabinet

By Juhakenson Blaise


Statement from the legal team for the survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921


Ancestry releases records of 183,000 enslaved individuals in America

By Sarah Kuta


Black Twitter: A people's history⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠, a platform changes the culture and a culture changes a platform

By Heven Haile


Urgent Needs for the Government of My Country

A New Political Chapter in Senegal. By Pierre Sané


The Senegalese Watershed: A New Era for West African Democracy?

By Mamadou Niang


Project 2025 is an Attack on Black People

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux


Vantage Point: Revolutionary Optimism with Dr. Paul Zeitz and Open Forum

June 3, 2024 edition of Vantage Point with Dr. Ron Daniels


Haiti on Fire: Toward a people based democracy in The First Black Republic

A Vantage Point Article by Dr. Ron Daniels


NAACP asks Biden to halt weapons to Israel as he seeks to shore up Black voter support

By Jarrett Renshaw and Kat Stafford


Counting the Negro League records is about more than numbers

By Dave Zirin


Kenyan President declares ironclad support for Haiti

By Hubbah Abdi


10 things about Gary Conille, Haiti’s PM for the transition

By Fritznel D. Octave


Haitians anticipate increased mistreatment during DR President’s second term

By Onz Chéry


US opens up banking to private Cuban businesses as it aims to boost private sector

By Fatima Hussein, Andrea Rodriguez and Rebecca Santana


Post-COVID, China is back in Africa and doubling down on minerals

By Rachel Savage and Duncan Miriri


Black Soldiers: Remembering America’s Most Patient Patriots

A Vantage Point Vignette by Dr. Ron Daniels


Columbia, Morehouse and the Morality of Resistance

By Dr. Maulana Karenga


A furious, forgotten slave narrative resurfaces after nearly 170 years

By Jennifer Schuessler


African peacekeepers to Haiti: When gangs are more dangerous than war

By Pierre Haski


How clean energy naysayers help China and hurt American workers

By Ben Jealous


Third Parties and the November Election

By Ted Glick


Thirsty in paradise: Water crises are a growing problem across the Caribbean islands

By Farah Nibbs


Reparations and HR-40: Is this Biden’s Emancipation Proclamation Moment?

A Vantage Point Vignette by Dr. Ron Daniels


Tavis Smiley's extraordinary interview with Dr. Ron Daniels


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