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Justice Collab News Issue No. 13 – May 2019

Page 2 – The Decriminalization of Sex-Work. Page 4 – Salute to Newly Elected Commissioner Salim Adofo. Page 5 – PA Clean Slate Law, Stopping Violence & Ending Money Bail. Page 6 – Congrats to Mothers in Charge on the One Year Anniversary of the Participatory Defense Initiative.

Justice Collab News Issue No. 12 – May 2018

Page 2: Message from IBW’s President, Dr. Ron Daniels. Page 3: The Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative (PJC) hosted a successful screening of the film ‘Returning Citizens’. Page 5: The D.C. Justice Collaborative Discusses Restorative Justice. Page 6: The Philadelphia Region Justice Collaborative Makes Progress on VOCA and LEAD

Justice Collab News Issue No. 11 – Dec 2017

Page 2 – D.C. Justice Collaborative Report. Page 4 – The Philadelphia Regional Justice Collaborative Report. Page 5 –  Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative Report. Page 7 – Voices Call for Unity and Collective Support.

Justice Collab News Issue No. 10 – June 2017

Featured Article, Pg 2 – State of the Black World Conference in Newark, New Jersey: The Spirit, Power & Significance of an Historic Gathering. Pg 3 – Ending the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration: Calls for economic sanctions for social justice discussed at the 2016 State of the Black World Conference IV. Pg 4 – Images from SOBWC IV. Pg 5 – Justice Collaborative members add their voices to the State of the Black World Conference: “A phenomenal gathering of concerned, conscious Black people”. Pg 6 – VOCA, an Unprecedented Opportunity for Justice Activists: “Voca funds can help advocates and service providers accomplish their goals”.

Justice Collab News Issue No. 9 – November 2016

Featured Article, Pg 5 – Police Killings War on Drugs Mass incarceration, Critical Focus of the SOBWC IV. Pg 2 – The Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative (PJC) continues to support the development of two diversion initiatives – Northside Coalition for Fair Housing and The Northside Diversion Program. pg 3 – The District of Columbia Justice Collaborative (DCJC) has been in the fore front of addressing the issues and concerns regarding the shooting of African -American men and women. pg 4 – Philadelphia Regional Justice Collaborative (PRJC ) participated in the VOCA training that took place on July 23, at Mothers in Charge Executive office.

Justice Collab News Issue No. 8 – April 2016

Pg 1 – From the Desk of Dr. Ron Daniels, IBW’s President. Pg 2 – Philadelphia Regional Justice Collaborative: Ain’t No Stopping Us Now. pg 3 – D.C. Justice Collaborative Scores Big with the DC ACLU. pg 4 – The Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative (PJC) continues to be on the move.

Justice Collab News No. 7 – October 2015

Pg 1 – Envisioning Just, Safe and Wholesome Black Communities, IBW Drug Policy Reform Orientation and Education Retreat. Pg 2 – Defining “Harm” in African-American Communities, Protecting Black Children and Preserving Black Families. The Black Family Summit (BFS).

Justice Collab News No. 6 – May 2015

Pg 1 – IBW Delegation Makes Second Visit to Seattle’s LEAD Program. pg 3 – Standing for Justice and Peace National Rally. pg 4 – LEAD Educational Session Leads to Agreement to move forward by Major Stakeholders. pg 5 – Reform advocates present alternate sentencing plan.

Justice Collab News No. 5 – January 2015

Pg 1 – From the Desk of Dr. Ron Daniels, IBW’s President. Pg 2 – 2014 Was a Great Year for the D.C. Justice Collaborative. Pg 3 – Philadelphia Region Justice Collaborative (PRJC) Hosts Successful Town Hall Meeting and One-Day Conference. Pg 5 – Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative Hosted Meetings With the City’s New Police Chief. Pg 6 – Baltimore Justice Collaborative (BJC) joins with local community leaders and citizens in supporting Sojourner Douglass College. Pg 7 – Statement from the Maryland Conference NAACP on the Revocation of Accreditation of Sojourner-Douglass College.

Justice Collab News No. 4 – August 2014

Pg 1 – From the Desk of Dr. Ron Daniels, IBW’s President. Pg 2 – New Justice Collaborative Launched in the Philadelphia Region, “We’ve Come This Far by Faith”. Pg 3 – Pittsburgh JC Hosts Film Screening & Panel Discussion on Fatherless Young Black Males. Pg 4 – DCJC Helps Organize & Mobilize for Successful “Free Her” Rally. Pg 5 – Baltimore JC Hosts “Mother-to-Mother” Town Hall Meeting. Pg 6 – IBW Issues a “Report Card” on the Obama Admin’s Drug Policies.

Justice Collab News No. 3 – April 2014

Pg 1 – From the Desk of Dr. Ron Daniels, IBW’s President. Pg 2 – Washington DCJC Focus On Justice As Healing. pg 3 – Washington DCJC members convene Power Meeting with Attorney General. Pg 4 – Baltimore to Honor Mother Jeter (The House I Live In). Pg 5 – Congrats and Hats off Team Philly. Pg 6 – Pittsburgh Delegation Visits Seattle’s LEAD Program.