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Could Anyone Possibly Think This Phony Company Isn’t Horrible?

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Global Tel*Link profits off love, charging prisoners as much as $17 for a 15-minute phone call. Tell the FCC to set prices families can afford. #prisonprofiteers This video is part of the Prison Profiteers series produced in partnership with the ACLU and The Nation. Narration by Henry Rollins. Research help provided by Prison Legal News.

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Conversations with Great Minds – Dr. Ron Daniels (Video)

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0For tonight’s Conversation With Great Minds – I’m joined by Dr. Ron Daniels – President of the Institute of the Black World – 21st Century. Dr. Daniels has had a wide ranging career in politics and activism – previously serving as the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights – the Executive Director of Rainbow / PUSH – and the Deputy Campaign manager for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign. In 1992 – he ran for President himself as an independent candidate.

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