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A Very Bad Day

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux

By Julianne Malveaux —  I have bad days, even very bad days, as we all do. Example. I woke up late on a day when I had an 8 am meeting. Most days, I’m up before 6, but this day I just blew it. So I’m in a rush, and the new pair of pantyhose runs at the touch of my unmanicured nail. Gotta find a new pair. Go out…

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Yet Another Armed White Shooter is Alive, Unarmed Blacks Aren’t-Explain That?

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson — Robert Aaron Long, the alleged mass shooter in Atlanta, is taken into custody without incident. His non-violent capture is not a fluke, aberration, or an anomaly. We have seen this time and again, a white mass killer guns down multitudes in shopping centers, schools, and in public places, and in almost all cases, they meekly surrender and are arrested. Now this is hardly an appeal…

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