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Capitalism & Slavery: A Handbook for Reparation Advocates in the Post-Colonial Caribbean

By Reparations

Keynote speech by Prof. Verene Shepherd during symposium on reparations in Trinidad and Tobago on November 13, 2019. By Prof. Verene A. Shepherd Director, Centre for Reparation Research, The UWI Thank you Dr. Pemberton and good afternoon to everyone in this distinguished audience. Of course I must pay my respects to Prime Ms Erica Williams-Connell; Dean Cateau and her team of organizers; fellow presenters, reparation advocates, students, members of…

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David Comissiong


By Commentaries/Opinions

By David Comissiong Barbados Ambassador to Caricom — ARTICLE 6 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas commits the 15 Member States of our Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to “enhanced coordination of Member States’ foreign and foreign economic policies” and to “the achievement of a greater measure of…… effectiveness in dealing with third States, groups of States and entities of any description.” Well, if our Caribbean Community (CARICOM) ever needed a unified…

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