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Community Land Trusts Are a Model for Reparations

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In a racialized economy, land trusts and cooperatives offer a lasting form of reparations, say activists. By Laura Flanders, Truthout — This year has already seen more Democrats talking about reparations than ever, including several running for the presidency. Now, rather than writing checks to individuals, more and more people are talking about collective strategies for repair and reparation. Community land trusts, cooperatives and mutual housing associations, for example, might…

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Video: Reparations Now? #BHeard Town Hall

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  By BRIC TV — Never fully exorcised, the ghost of America’s original sins haunts nearly every aspect of our nation’s soul. How can we process our past and tell a new narrative of a just America? Can we put a price tag on the genocide of indigenous tribes? How do we, as a nation, make amends for the enslavement, lynching, Jim Crow laws, redlining, and mass incarceration experienced by…

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