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Why Abolish The War On Drugs?

By Events, War on the “War on Drugs” Posts

Join a Virtual Conversation on March 30 for a discussion with families, survivors, advocates, partners and stakeholders, about the need to eradicate the 50yr drug war in New Jersey. 2021 marks the 50th year of the Drug War in the United States. An incalculable number of families and communities have been destroyed by a war that has been widely viewed as a failure. Join us as we discuss with a…

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People march towards the Washington Monument at the Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC 6/6/2020

‘Racism is in the bones of our nation’: Will Joe Biden answer ‘cry’ for racial justice?

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Chris McGreall— In his first few minutes as America’s new president, Joe Biden made a promise so sweeping that it almost seemed to deny history. “We can deliver racial justice,” Biden pledged to his factious nation. It wasn’t a commitment presented in any detail as he moved on to asserting that America would again be the leading force for good in the world, a claim that draws its own…

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Biden touts his administration’s first steps on racial disparities

By News & Current Affairs

Regardless, civil rights advocates plan to push him to go big to eliminate disparities. By Maya King— The four executive orders President Joe Biden signed on Tuesday on advancing racial equity marked the new administration’s first major address of systemic racism. They signal that Biden plans to attack the problem with sweeping policy changes mandating cooperation across multiple federal agencies — a bold departure from previous administrations which rarely tackled racial inequities…

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Nkechi Taifa

Personal statement of Nkechi Taifa on the granting of compassionate release to William Underwood

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Nkechi Taifa, Esq.— The godsend of the granting of compassionate release to William Underwood today is a matter of preparation and persistence meeting opportunity.  The blessing is the story of a family that never gave up.  Lawyers who were relentless.  The power of strange bedfellows.  And it is a story of the constant demand for justice. William Underwood is a devoted father of four, a grandfather and a former…

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Prison Phones

Op-ed by Dr. Ben Chavis: Stopping the Exploitation of Prisoners and Their Families Requires More Comprehensive Solutions

By Commentaries/Opinions

By: Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.— Companies charge for every call made from prisons across America. But it’s the families and friends of the incarcerated person who end up paying those bills. Stopping the Exploitation of Prisoners and Their Families Requires More Comprehensive Solutions 2020 brought renewed global focus to issues of social justice in America.  From the racial disparities and inequities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic to the killings of…

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