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Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. has been sentenced to almost three decades in jail after conspiring with private prisons to trade kids for cash.

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by Emily Smith

In the private prison industry, longer sentences earn more money from the state.

Since 2003, Ciavarella received millions of dollars in bribes for condemning minors to maximum prison sentences. In one case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years in a detention facility for accidentally bottoming out his mother’s car.

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How Solitary Confinement in Pelican Bay Almost Drove Me Mad

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How can I make anyone understand what it’s like to cling desperately to the hope of someday being heard because that’s the only hope left? That’s one reason why the hunger strike going on across California’s prisons matters. It might just keep that hope alive for prisoners locked down in Pelican Bay State Prison’s Security Housing and Administrative Segregation Units (known as the SHU).

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The Business of Mass Incarceration

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By Chris Hedges Debbie Bourne, 45, was at her apartment in the Liberty Village housing projects in Plainfield, N.J., on the afternoon of April 30 when police banged on the door and pushed their way inside. The officers ordered her, her daughter, 14, and her son, 22, who suffers from autism, to sit down and not move and then began ransacking the home.

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Criminalization, Race and Food Access in a Time of Hyper-Afrophobia

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By Dara Cooper

Black and Brown people deserve the right to LIFE, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness.  Black and Brown people deserve the right to access quality food.  Those rights are connected.

Last week, thousands of people marched the streets all over the country for Trayvon Martin, after the teen’s murderer was acquitted, in part, because of racist imagery painted of Trayvon, making this dead young Black male guilty of his own murder.

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