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Marijuana Wars

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  The failed war on marijuana has claimed countless lives to incarceration, mandatory minimiums and the marginalization that come from a drug crime rap sheet. That’s why, in The Nation’s new special issue, editor Katrina vanden Heuvel declares. “It’s time to end pot prohibition. It’s time to legalize marijuana.” Read all of the issue below. * * * Why It’s Always Been Time to Legalize Marijuana Let’s put an end…

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Videos on African American Studies

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The struggles of the African American people for their own emancipation, from the very early years of their presence in the New World, have been an inspiration and a beacon casting a spotlight on wider battles for democracy and social change. This includes the struggle for the transition to a new socialist order, as well as the major structural reforms won along the way. No revolution in this country is…

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Civil and Human Rights Coalition Applauds Second Chance Act Introduction, Releases Report on Vital Prisoner Re-Entry Reforms

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WASHINGTON—Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement on today’s bipartisan introduction of the Second Chance Reauthorization Act and the release of a new report from The Leadership Conference outlining a comprehensive policy agenda to ease the re-entry process entitled “A Second Chance: Charting a New Course for Re-Entry and Criminal Justice Reform:

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