Clockwise from top left: Michael Drake, president of Ohio State University; Elizabeth Alexander, president of the Mellon Foundation; Cecilia Conrad, a managing director at the MacArthur Foundation; and Henry Louis Gates Jr., a professor at Harvard.Credit...

Black Scholars Are Not ‘Rare Creatures’

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When Purdue’s president said this, I had to respond because this myth is so pervasive. By G. Gabrielle Starr, The New York Times — In late November, the president of Purdue University, Mitch Daniels, told students that he will soon “be recruiting one of the rarest creatures in America — a leading, I mean a really leading, African-American scholar.” “Creatures?” a student asked. “Come on.” “It’s a figure of speech. You must have taken some literature,”…

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A portrait from 1868 of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Faith made Harriet Tubman fearless as she rescued slaves

By Editors' Choice, Reparations

By Robert Gudmestad — Millions of people voted in an online poll in 2015 to have the face of Harriet Tubman on the US$20 bill. But many might not have known the story of her life as chronicled in a recent film, “Harriet.” Harriet Tubman worked as a slave, spy and eventually as an abolitionist. What I find most fascinating, as a historian of American slavery, is how belief in God helped Tubman…

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Idina Menzel, left, and Kristen Bell at the premiere of “Frozen II” in Los Angeles.

Frozen II isn’t just a cartoon. It’s a brilliant critique of imperialism

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We must atone for the sins of imperialism By Priya Satia, Washington Post — Every Thanksgiving, Americans trot out the self-congratulatory myth that colonization was a harmonious, bloodless affair — that native peoples practically gifted their lands to America and then served up a feast. We forget the aggressive colonial practices (including kidnapping and enslavement) that actually surrounded the holiday’s roots. This year, however, Thanksgiving also brought us Disney’s “Frozen II,” a…

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Sonia Pruitt

A Message on Policing Respectability

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By Sonia Pruitt (Chair of the National Black Police Association) — Yesterday morning, I received a text message from a friend, who is also in law enforcement. The text contained a link to a news story, and the lede read “William Barr Says Those Who Don’t Show More Respect to Cops May Not Get Police Protection.” The next text from my friend read, “How horrible is this….” After I read the story, I felt…

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How disinformation campaigns suppress the Black vote. Illustration by Katherine Streeter

Manipulation Machines

By Editors' Choice

How disinformation campaigns suppress the Black vote By Errin Haines, CJR — During the Democratic debates on June 27, Senator Kamala Harris had a standout moment. Former vice president Joe Biden, the front-runner, had recently made news for defending his work in the seventies with senators who advocated racial segregation, telling donors that, in those days, “At least there was some civility. We got things done.” Harris, the only Black woman in…

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Vantage Point Radio Show hosted by Dr. Ron Daniels

Reparations Initiative in Evanston and Report Back Door of Our Return to Africa

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Vantage Point December 9, 2019 Pledge Drive Edition of Vantage Point with host Dr. Ron Daniels aka The Professor. Topics Evanston, Illinois Reparations Initiative Report Back from the Door of Our Return to Africa Pilgrimage Guests Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, Evanston, IL Rev. Dennis Dillon, Coordinator, Door of Our Return, Brooklyn, NY Dr. Zienzile Dillon, Co-Coordinator, Door of Our Return, Brooklyn, NY Dr. George Fraser, President, FraserNation, Cleveland, OH Dr….

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Obama Cast Long Shadow over Harris and Others Too

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson — Former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris problem had the same as every other Democratic presidential contender has. She tried and the others are trying mightily to make the case that they are they are their own candidate, their own person, with their own program and their own vision of what their White House will look like and accomplish. It’s a tough road to hoe. Obama…

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Jeb Bush speaks at a 2013 American Legislative Exchange Council meeting.

Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing racist and white supremacist policies

By News & Current Affairs

By Ed Pilkington, The Guardian — Alec, the rightwing network that brings conservative lawmakers together with corporate lobbyists to create model legislation that is cloned across the US, has been accused of spreading racist and white supremacist policies targeted at minority communities. A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges Alec with propagating white supremacy. In one of the sharpest criticisms yet levelled at…

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Commentary, Articles and Essays by Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Bloomberg’s Apology – Sorry Doesn’t Always Make it Right

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux — Billionaire Mike Bloomberg entered the already-crowded Democratic presidential primary with a splash. His ad buy of about $35 million represents more than half of what the other dozen or so candidates have spent on the campaign so far. His $54.6 billion net worth (according to Forbes) means he has deep pockets and virtually unlimited funds to spend on a campaign. Some think that he can…

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National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC)

Press Release: National African American Reparations Commission to Visit Evanston

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Reparations Initiative Touted as a Model. Danny Glover to Speak at Town Hall Meeting Download or print PDF version — here. New York, December 2, 2019 — Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Convener of the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) announced today that a team of Commissioners will visit Evanston, IL December 10-11 to review and provide support for the…

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