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War on the “War on Drugs” Posts

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Cuba, Sí!

By Commentaries/Opinions, War on the “War on Drugs” Posts

By Trevor Brown

With the international community’s attention being taken up by the recent revelation of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, that the United States government through its National Security Agency (NSA), was ‘eaves dropping’ on her personal conversation, coupled with further allegations that Spain another ‘ friendly’ country, having 60,000,000(sixty million) conversations tapped in the space of 30 days and at least 35 other world leaders being subjected to similar monitoring by this security behemoth, a very important vote will be taken in the hallowed halls of United Nations(UN) on October 29, 2013.

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Looking at Baltimore’s Surveillance Cameras

By Editors' Choice, War on the “War on Drugs” Posts

By John Duda

There are very legitimate reasons to be scared that the proliferation of video surveillance is rapidly encroaching on our rights to everyday privacy and anonymity on the streets of Baltimore. Spurred on by counter-terrorism paranoia, recent advances in camera technology and computerized image processing are bringing George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare of inescapable social control within reach of today’s bureaucrats.

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