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By Jim Clingman —

In March of 2018, after 25 years of doing so, I submitted my final Blackonomics column to the members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

The article was titled, “The Last Dance,” and I wrote it because I could no longer use my computer. ALS had made its way to my arms and hands preventing me from doing something else I loved doing.

Since that time, I have gotten back to writing, only now with my eyes on my eye gaze computer. You can check out my work on ALS News Today online.

But this is not about me. It’s about us, Black people. So I humbly ask the NNPA and all Black news outlets (I don’t think this will appear in the New York Times or the Washington Post) – whether print or online – to indulge me one more time because I really have to speak to my family.

While our overall political status leaves much to be desired, I want to hone in on one slice of it: The slice called DEI. Trump and others of his ilk are constantly railing against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In my opinion, it’s the new N-word.

Let’s take a different look at these issues. It’s hilarious that Trump thinks DEI is bad when he uses it to boost his popularity. Diversity? Inclusion? He has insulted Hispanics by calling them rapists and criminals. He said they are poisoning the blood of this country.

He insults women in so many ways, questioning their intelligence and competency when it comes to what they think is right for their bodies. He insulted Muslims when he issued a ban against their entrance to this country.

He insulted Jews by questioning their beliefs and saying those among them who vote for Democrats are not Jewish. He insults Christians in a variety of ways, the latest of which includes hawking over-priced bibles but can’t recite one verse from it. He says he gets forgiveness by drinking a little wine and eating a cracker.

He insulted Puerto Ricans by throwing paper towels to them after they suffered one of the worst hurricanes in their history. He insulted veterans by calling their dead “suckers and losers.” He asked his general what’s in for them (soldiers and sailors).

And to think some members of all those groups want him to be their President is mind-boggling to me. Some even have bowed down before a golden image of Trump, despite what happened to the ones who did the same thing under the leadership of Moses.

Now let’s look at Black people, my people. Trump called for the death penalty for five Black teens wrongly accused of crimes. He insulted Obama by questioning his citizenship. Trump has insulted others like “my African American,” and his water boy, Tim Scott, who then insulted himself by responding, “I just love you.”

To top it all off, he insulted African countries by calling them S—hole nations, which is also an insult to our ancestors. It’s obvious Trump knows nothing about African history, but even if he did it would not change his insults.

He knows nothing about the greatness of Songhai, Mali, Timbuktu, Kemet, Ethiopia, and many other African nations of then and now.

He said people from Congo are diseased and a bunch of criminals. It is funny that King Leopold II of Belgium and other heads of state didn’t feel they were S – – – holes.

Leopold coveted the Congo, during which time he caused the deaths of as many as ten million Congolese and walked away with one billion dollars. He wanted the land and the free labor to work on the rubber tree plantations, but tortured the people and their children in the process. Ever heard of the Belgian Congo and Leopoldville?

What really hurts is the fact that some members of our group will also vote for the pumpkin. With black skinned folks like Clarence Thomas, Byron Donalds, Candace Owens, and Tim Scott leading the way, some pitiful Black people will follow them to the gallows.

That staged event in Atlanta was certainly one for the books. Trump plants a black skinned stooge in a Chick-fil-A, who hugged and swooned over him, all of which was set up. Instead of paper towels he gave the Black folks milkshakes and chicken to get their votes.

By the way, do you know how many Black workers there are in government jobs? Trump and Steven Miller have plans to downsize when they get back in charge. Black unemployment increase? You betcha.

Now, for all of you who say God sent Trump to deliver us, I simply say, may God’s will be done despite my feelings or complaints, which place me the company of Jeremiah, Job, and Habakkuk. His will is perfect.

Diversity and inclusion, when used as Trump does, are despicable and evil. His insults and name-calling are as diverse and inclusive as they come. Used properly, DEI is simply a tool to assist in the repair of Black people. Long overdue.

But what about Equity? Well, that simply means “The quality of being fair and impartial,” something the anti-DEI crowd would do well to learn and implement.

Brothers and sisters if you want an even more corrupt Supreme Court and Congress, if you want to see even more racists in public office, and if you don’t mind having a King and dictator rather than a President, Trump is your guy.

But please don’t allow him to insult your intelligence, and please have enough pride and resolve not to insult yourself. C’mon people. Please don’t be stupid.

Featured image: Jim Clingman


IBW21 (The Institute of the Black World 21st Century) is committed to enhancing the capacity of Black communities in the U.S. and globally to achieve cultural, social, economic and political equality and an enhanced quality of life for all marginalized people.