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Vantage Point Vignettes
Comments and Commentary by Dr. Ron Daniels

Yesterday President Biden traveled to Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., the sacred site where nine (9) African American parishioners were murdered by an avowed White supremacist nine (9) years ago. It was billed as a campaign appearance to bolster his sagging support among Black voters. What a pain-laden prop for a campaign stop. But crediting the President for his good intentions for once again denouncing hate and white supremacy, I respectfully must say that your well-intentioned, strident denunciation of white supremacy are appreciated, but not enough.

Mr. President, you once again missed a moment to put forth a remedy to repair and heal the cross-generational harm and trauma inflicted on African Americans by white supremacy and all of its malignant manifestations. You missed yet another moment to courageously announce to an adoring Black audience, the nation and the world your intention to sign an Executive Order establishing a federal commission to study and develop reparations proposals for African Americans

You missed the moment Mr. President, to move beyond powerful symbolism to the kind of powerful substance that will really motivate Black voters to march on ballot boxes in the historic numbers required to defend democracy by decisively defeating MAGAISM. As Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Lead Sponsor on HR-40 has correctly and repeatedly proclaimed: “Reparations is the overarching policy prescription that strikes at the heart of white supremacy in this nation.” President Biden, it’s time to strike at the heart of white supremacy! Reparations is the answer. Siege the moment, sign the Executive Order Now!

Dr. Ron Daniels

Dr. Ron Daniels is President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Distinguished Lecturer Emeritus, York College City University of New York. His articles and essays appear on the IBW website and His weekly radio show, Vantage Point can be heard Mondays 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM on WBAI, 99.5 FM, Pacifica in New York, streaming live via To send a message, arrange media interviews or speaking engagements, Dr. Daniels can be reached via email at