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A Poll Report from Earn the Black Vote Announces The Creation of a Reparations Commission Will Boost Biden’s Electoral Prospects in Key States.

The Earn the Black Vote Collaborative, a leading advocacy group committed to empowering Black voters and advancing racial justice, is pleased to announce the results of its latest poll report. The report, titled “The Creation of a Reparations Commission: A Path to Victory in Key States,” sheds light on the potential electoral impact of President Biden issuing an Executive Order for a Reparations Commission.

In the wake of the 2020 November election, where President Biden narrowly clinched victory in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the importance of Black voter turnout cannot be overstated. The poll conducted by ATC Political focused on infrequent Black Democratic voters in Michigan, revealing crucial insights into their voting behavior and motivations.

“With the creation of commissions in key states and cities across the nation, the importance of the reparations issue to African American and progressive communities cannot credibly be denied anymore. The reality of the horrors of slavery are both visual and documented by extensive word and research, providing support for the glaring monetary analysis conducted by certain state commissions. That is why this poll will be a powerful confirmation of the need for a commission and will help drive the absolute necessity of such a vehicle to be implemented,” commented Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18th District) sponsor of H.R. 40, the “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act”.

“This will be a powerful asset for the President’s goals of equity. Though we face limitations in Congress, President Biden, through his executive authority, has the power to consolidate and build on the important work completed at the state and local levels, contributing a critical federal perspective. The Poll Report from Earn the Black Vote further demonstrates just how an Executive Order 40 – establishing a federal reparations commission -would impact the political process in the November election. Simply put, reparations can drive black voter turnout to transformative levels. I salute the work of Earn the Black Vote and hope that their message can clarify discussions about the importance of an executive order as we approach the Juneteenth holiday.”

Key findings from the report include:

– President Biden’s victory in Michigan by a margin of 154,000 votes in 2020 was supported by 431,000 Black Democratic voters. However, voter apathy among Black communities poses a significant challenge, with an estimated 271,000 registered Black voters abstaining from the polls.

– The poll projected that an Executive Order to create a Reparations Commission would potentially mobilize an additional 150,000 Black voters for President Biden in Michigan in the 2024 general election.

– Similar trends were observed in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where President Biden secured narrow victories in 2020. In Pennsylvania, where Biden’s margin of victory was 80,000 votes, the report estimated that a Reparations Commission could garner an additional 55,000 Black votes in 2024. Likewise, in Wisconsin, where Biden won by 20,000 votes, the commission could add 100,000 additional Black votes.

Kamm Howard, Executive Director at Reparations United and spokesperson for the Earn the Black Vote Collaborative, commented on the significance of the findings, stating, “The creation of a Reparations Commission presents a unique opportunity to not only address historical injustices but also to mobilize Black voters in key battleground states. President Biden stands to benefit significantly from prioritizing reparative justice, as evidenced by the overwhelming support among infrequent Black voters surveyed.”

The Earn the Black Vote Collaborative is positioned to leverage these findings to educate and mobilize Black voters in support of a Reparations Commission. By centering the issue of reparations, President Biden can secure victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other purple states with significant Black voter populations.

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The Earn the Black Vote Collaborative is a coalition of organizations dedicated to amplifying the voices and concerns of Black voters for reparations. Through strategic outreach, education, and advocacy, the collaborative works to empower Black communities and drive meaningful change on issues of reparatory justice.


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