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The Pan African Unity Dialogue Congratulates AU For Brokering Historic Sudan Power-Sharing Agreement


July 26, 2019, New York — The Pan African Unity Dialogue (PAUD) congratulates the parties in Sudan on the recent signing of the historic power-sharing agreement and the African Union (AU) for mediating and facilitating the process.

Under terms of the agreement signed last week between the Alliance for Freedom and Change coalition and military officers: Sudan will be governed during a transitional period of three years by a sovereign council of six civilian members and five military officers; a military officer will Chair the council for the first 21 months; a civilian will lead the council during the following 18 months; and, a cabinet of ministers will be appointed. The pro-democracy alliance and the military officers will continue talks on a new constitution.

PAUD Chairman Dr. Ron Daniels said: “The long suppressed aspirations of the masses in Sudan for democratic governance and respect for human rights must not be betrayed. The Pan African Unity Dialogue is committed to closely monitoring the implementation of this incremental power sharing agreement.”

Political crisis escalated in Sudan when, following several months of mass protests due to economic hardship, the pro-democracy alliance forced the removal from power of long-time dictator Gen. Omar Hassan al-Bashir on April 11, 2019.

PAUD commends the pro-democracy alliance for their vigilance and determination throughout their ongoing struggle for change even after the violent and bloody June 3, 2019 attack against unarmed civilians reportedly by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a para-military force reportedly not part of the regular armed forces.

PAUD notes that the agreement reportedly includes a provision for an independent and impartial investigation into the attacks on protestors. Co-chair of PAUD’s Africa Crises Task Force, Milton Allimadi, said: “Those who attack unarmed civilians exercising their right to peaceful protests, which is recognized under International law, must be brought to account. Otherwise impunity sends a wrong message to elements who may still seek to undermine the Sudanese power sharing agreement. It also emboldens security forces to carry out similar attacks on civilians exercising their right to protest in other African countries.”

PAUD extends special recognition to Ethiopian Prime Minister H.E. Abiy Ahmed for his tireless and dedicated effort to bring the parties to an agreement in Sudan. This demonstrates that Africans are very capable of taking care of the continent’s affairs.

An Ethiopian mediator of the deal has reportedly called on the U.S. to remove Sudan from its list of states that support terrorism. PAUD will support this recommendation in the future on condition that progress is maintained in implementation of the power-sharing agreement and in bringing those responsible for the June atrocities to book.

PAUD, a U.S.-based organization, calls upon the Trump administration to restrain its ally Saudi Arabia which has reportedly been promoting intransigence by the Sudan military junta by promising $3 billion in financing, to stop interfering in the peace process.

Sudan is located in a politically volatile region and any escalation of violence would destabilize Sudan and its neighbors.

About PAUD

PAUD is a New York based organization that brings together more than 40 Pan-African organizations for proactive collective intervention into pressing issues that affect the Global African community. The organization hosts quarterly meetings that are also attended by African ambassadors accredited to Washington, D.C., and to the United Nations; and, elected U.S. lawmakers including Members of Congress.

PAUD’s mission is to practice Pan Africanism in the United States and the African Diaspora by promoting unity, cooperation and action between Continental Africans, Caribbean Americans, Afro-Latinos and African Americans.

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The mission of the Pan African Unity Dialogue is to “practice Pan Africanism in the United States,” and the “African Diaspora,” by promoting unity, cooperation and action between Continental Africans, Caribbean Americans, Afro-Latinos and African Americans. The goal is to achieve social, economic and political empowerment for people of African descent, Black people, in the U.S. and the global Black community. More info -