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This push comes right off the heels of MAGA Republicans launching attacks on DEI and efforts to make equality real. Young voters want Democrats like Pres. Biden to act and stand up to this moving white supremacy agenda.

New York, NY — In response to new legislation introduced by GOP state lawmakers in Tennessee to ban conversations about reparations, Get Free, an activist group organizing young people in Nashville and across the country to repair past harms, remove ongoing barriers to equality, and realize a future where freedom is for all, released the following statement:

“After pushing book bans, abortion bans, and DEI bans, GOP lawmakers in Tennessee are now introducing legislation to ban the people from even considering reparations. MAGA Republicans are so afraid of our generation’s power and passion for making a better future for everyone that they’re going all out on their attacks on efforts to make equality real so they can maintain the hierarchies they need to hold onto power,” says Kayla Prowell, a Nashville-based leader with Get Free. “This is the same supremacist faction that incited Nazis to openly march in our streets just a few weeks ago, the same faction that opposed our ancestors desegregating lunch counters, and the same agenda they’ve wielded since enslavement and genocide to control, exploit, and deny freedom to anyone who doesn’t look, live or love like the wealthy, white few. It’s more important than ever for us to get our elected leaders, like President Biden, to stand on the right side of history and stand with our generation’s repair mandate by taking executive actions to make freedom and equality real. We will not let the supremacist faction rob us of our futures and keep us from getting free together.”


Get Free is a new organization creating a national young-led mass movement to repair past harms, remove ongoing barriers to equality, and realize a future where freedom is for all.

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