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The Road Ahead: A Caribbean Case for Reparations

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Streamed November 5, 2020 — In the second panel discussion on the topic of Reparations, hosts Frederick Morton Jr and Hugh Riley, discuss the Caribbean Case and CARICOM’s 10 point plan. This is the Road Ahead. Featuring Panelist: Hon. Cozier Frederick, Minister for Environment, Rural Modernization & Kalinago Upliftment, Dominica. Prof. Verene Shepherd, VC of the UN Committee, Dir of the Centre of Reparations Research. Dorbrene O’Marde VC of the…

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Vantage Point: The Case for Reparations: Native Genocide In the Caribbean • Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Vantage Point October 12, 2020 — On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day Edition of Vantage Point, host Dr. Ron Daniels aka The Professor talks with guest Hon. Cozier P. Frederick. Topic The Case for Reparations: Native Genocide in the Caribbean Special Guest Hon. Cozier P. Frederick, Minister of Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment, Dominica, West Indies Plus The Professor on the Soap Box Dr. Ron Daniels aka The Professor Ways…

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Centre for Reparation Research Commemorates Indigenous Peoples Day with a Virtual Symposium

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October 12, 2020 — The Centre for Reparations Research and the University of the West Indies presents it’s 3rd Anniversary Symposium “The Indigenous Peoples and Colonising Deformities: Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean after 1942”. Hon. P. J. Patterson and Sir Hilary Beckles among Guest Speakers Italian explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas on Oct. 12, 1492. In 1494, he launched the trans-Atlantic slave trade, sending enslaved…

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