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Nkechi Taifa

Of Terror and Promise: On This MLK Day, There’s No Better Time to Call for Reparatory Justice!

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By Nkechi Taifa— The terror Blacks feel is in our bones. For me, it began when white storm clouds of terror hung over the home of Mose Wright late one August night in 1955, when white, armed terrorists demanded his great-nephew, 14-year-old Emmett Till, be handed over to them. I was scarcely eight months old. Young Emmett had made the mistake of being from Chicago and, not heeding “The Talk” his…

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Elaine Arkansas

National Groups Join Reparatory Justice Initiative in Elaine, Arkansas

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National Groups Join Reparatory Justice Initiative in Elaine, Arkansas. Sacred Commemoration Service of Remembrance Is Planned. On the evening of September 30, 1919, African American families had gathered at the Hoop Spur Church in Elaine, AK to discuss the ways in which as sharecroppers they could be fairly paid for their labor and for the products they had…

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