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Flint Archives - Institute of the Black World 21st Century

Commentary, Articles and Essays by Dr. Maulana Karenga

Righteous and Relentless Struggle: Reflections on the Principle and Practice

By Dr. Maulana Karenga

By Dr. Maulana Karenga — (Remembering, reflecting and recommitting.) We cannot say it too often, stress it too much and certainly must never downplay in any way the definitive, determining and decisive role the principle and practice of righteous and relentless struggle have played in the self-conception, self-construction and self-assertion of our people and our organization Us, and the persons called into being and cultivated by both. For among the most defining…

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Water is a human right

U.S. Civil Rights and Human Rights Groups Say Water is a Human Right

By News & Current Affairs, PAUD Posts, Press Releases / Statements

U.S. Civil Rights and Human Rights Groups Say Water is a Human Right — Express Solidarity with Struggle for Water Rights in Nigeria. February, 10, 2020, New York — The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) released a Statement today calling for a national and international movement to declare access to water a human right that should not be subject to profiteering by corporate interests. The Statement was released against the…

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Commentary, Articles and Essays by Dr. Julianne Malveaux

In the Wake of Hurricane Dorian: Climate Change and Infrastructure Issues

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux

By Julianne Malveaux — Hurricane Dorian has drowned the Bahamas and devastated the coasts of North and South Carolina. There are trillions of dollars worth of damages, and communities that it will take years to rebuild. The fury of this hurricane, some say, is unprecedented, with winds measured at 130 miles per hour at their fiercest. Dozens of lives have been lost – at least 30, as of this writing,…

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Flint Residents Pay to Drink Polluted Water While Nestlé Pumps Great Lakes for Profit

By Commentaries/Opinions

CounterSpin interview with Peggy Case on water rights. ‘People Have to Strengthen the Laws Protecting the Water.’ Janine Jackson interviewed Peggy Case about Michigan water rights for the April 13, 2018, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. By Janine Jackson — Janine Jackson: It is impossible, really, not to connect two recent pieces of news: Residents of Flint, Michigan, have been told that the state that poisoned their drinking water will no…

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