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Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, Maurice Bishop, and Fidel Castro at a May 1 celebration in Havana in 1980.

Grenada’s March 13 Revolution: Forever Remembered, Never to be Forgotten!

By Commentaries/Opinions

The young revolutionaries of the 1979-83 era, at home and abroad, have all grown into advanced adulthood. It’s still quite uncertain why Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has again set March 13, the anniversary date of the 1979 Revolution led by Maurice Bishop, as the date for a general election in the three-island state he rules over – Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.

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Maurice Bishop (1944-1983) - Maurice Rupert Bishop was a Grenadian revolutionary and the leader of New Jewel Movement – popular efforts in the areas of socio-economic development, education, and Black liberation – that came to power during the 13 March 1979 revolution that removed Eric Gairy from office

High Stakes for Grenada Election on Revolution’s Anniversary

By News & Current Affairs

The announcement of the March 13 election date on January 28 gave Grenadian voters and political parties only 45 days to prepare. By Earl Bousquet — Grenadians are getting ready to head to the polls in just six weeks. Voters have been registering to cast their ballots and a host of political parties have nominated candidates for the 2018 poll after the Government set the next General Elections for March…

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