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Are we witnessing the fall of the United States?

By Editors' Choice

By Damon Linker— Over the past four years, it’s become something of a cliché for certain political scientists on Twitter to respond to stories of Donald Trump’s corruption, ineptitude, malice, and autocratic impulses by asking a provocative leading question: “What would you say if you saw it happening in another country?” Unfortunately, occasions for posing and answering this question by referring to democratic backsliding or burgeoning authoritarianism have accelerated since…

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Joining with Mayors Across the Country, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Urges Support for H.R. 40

By Reparations

By Kamaria Hightower — Seattle (December 11, 2020) – Joining with Mayors from across the country, Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced her strong support for H.R. 40 and urged the House of Representatives to prioritize consideration of this important bill. H.R. 40 was first introduced in 1989 by late Congressman John Conyers as a bill to establish a commission to study and make recommendations for reparations for the institution of slavery and subsequent racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of these forces on living African-Americans. In July 2020, the US Conference of…

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