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Understanding Islam

Articles on understanding Islam

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Why some Muslim women feel empowered wearing hijab, a headscarf By Kalpana Jain, The Conversation — For some Muslim women, wearing a hijab can be a religious act but Muslim women’s clothing isn’t entirely about faith. It has been used – and is still used – as an assertion of identity. Read more Understanding Islam – a brief introduction to its past and present in the United States By Kalpana…

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Trump supporters at a campaign rally in Las Vegas last week.

Does Anyone Have a Clue About How to Fight Back Against Trump’s Racism?

By Commentaries/Opinions

Moderates and progressives have a lot to lose by ignoring each other on this crucial question. By Thomas B. Edsall, NYT — Can Democrats diminish the bigotry that Donald Trump has unleashed in this country? Stung by the success of Trump’s anti-immigrant, racist campaign themes in 2016, left-of-center advocacy groups — think tanks, unions, progressive academics and Democratic consultants — are developing tools this year to counter the continuing Republican…

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U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

‘The Worst Kind of Fascists’: Trump Visits Modi’s India and Announces $3 Billion Arms Deal

By Commentaries/Opinions

“For decades, the U.S.-India relationship was anchored by claims of shared values of human rights and human dignity. Now, those shared values are discrimination, bigotry, and hostility towards refugees and asylum seekers. By Eoin Higgins — U.S. President Donald Trump got a warm welcome from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to kick off a whirlwind 36-hour tour of the world’s largest democracy and announced the two countries were finalizing a…

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