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Princeton’s case for reparations

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By Ryan Born, The Daily Princetonian — I. “Enslaved African Americans built the modern United States, and indeed the entire modern world, in ways both obvious and hidden.” ― Edward E. Baptist, “The Half Has Never Been Told” When we accept that prestigious offer of admission from Princeton University, some small part of us becomes part of the great history of Princeton ― and so some part of us becomes…

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Princeton Theological Seminary.

$27M for slavery reparations ‘not enough,’ Princeton seminary students say. They want $120M more.

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By Kelly Heyboer — Princeton Theological Seminary pledged last week to use $27.6 million of its endowment to pay reparations for the school’s historic ties to slavery, believed to be the largest amount ever paid by a school to atone for benefiting from the slave trade. The school’s black student association says it’s “a great start, but not enough.” The Association of Black Seminarians at Princeton Theological Seminary — a student…

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Virginia Theological Seminary

Virginia Theological Seminary’s reparations effort is part of a larger movement in higher education

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A growing number of schools have started to look into reparations and restitution for descendants of the enslaved. But most of these schools have stopped short of supporting actual funds to provide compensation, instead launching studies to better understand how they profited or otherwise benefitted from the use of enslaved labor. These efforts have led to initiatives like Universities Studying Slavery, a University of Virginia-led consortium of roughly 50 schools that…

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Princeton Theological Seminary

Black Students to Princeton Seminary: Pay Reparations from $1B Endowment

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By LaMont Jones,  Diverse: Issues In Higher Education — It makes sense that African-American students at Princeton Theological Seminary have issued reparatory requests based on research tying much of the school’s current wealth to slavery, and it’s equally fitting that the school live up to its religious precepts in its response, according to some scholars. The Association of Black Seminarians (ABS) has proposed that the seminary commit at least 15…

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“Halting at Noon,” a wood engraving showing a slave drive through Virginia in the early nineteenth century, 1864

Slavery and the American University

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By Alex Carp — According to the surviving records, the first enslaved African in Massachusetts was the property of the schoolmaster of Harvard. Yale funded its first graduate-level courses and its first scholarship with the rents from a small slave plantation it owned in Rhode Island (the estate, in a stroke of historical irony, was named Whitehall). The scholarship’s first recipient went on to found Dartmouth, and a later grantee…

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