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By Milton G. Allimadi —

On Jan. 23, Uganda’s life-president Gen. Yoweri Museveni who’s been in power for 32 years declared Donald Trump one of the U.S.’s “best presidents ever.”

Museveni added: “I love Trump. He speaks frankly. Africans need to solve their problems.”

The Ugandan dictator was reacting to the recent racist comment by Trump when he asked a group of senators why the U.S didn’t accept more immigrants from Norway instead of “shithole” countries –African countries, Haiti and El Salvador.

Several African presidents have joined prominent voices in the U.S. and around the world in condemning Trump’s racist comments that could also inflame the fans of hatred further and inspire attacks against Black people in general by racist white extremist organizations.

The United Nations condemned the comments. The African Union condemned Trump’s racist comments and demanded an apology.

Donald Trump and Gen. Museveni owe an apology to all African peoples and descendants of Africa all over the world as well as to decent human beings of all races.

Dictator Museveni, with his demented logic hopes that by kissing Trump’s rear-end the U.S. will continue to ignore his gross human rights abuse and continue: supplying his brutal regime with weapons; continue providing $1 billion annually in U.S. taxpayer’s money; and ignore a recent bribe-and-money laundering case in the U.S. in which Museveni and his foreign Minister Sam Kutesa are implicated.

Here are some past outrageous comments by dictator Museveni.

When he wanted to develop support from U.S. conservatives and racists, this is what he said in an interview published in the September 1994 issue of The Atlantic Monthly magazine (Vol. 274 Issue 3 page 22): “I have never blamed these whites for colonizing Africa. I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid you should be taken a slave.”

Four years later, this is what he said in comments published in The Shariat, a Ugandan newspaper in its April 15- 21, 1998 issue: “As Hitler did to bring Germany together, we should also do it here. Hitler was a smart guy, but he went a bit too far by wanting to conquer the world.”

No wonder Museveni called the authoritarian racist Trump one of the United States’ “best presidents ever.”

Please Sign and share this petition demanding an apology from Trump and Gen. Museveni.



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