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The Legacy of Hugo Chavez Lives On

By April 9, 2013September 6th, 2013No Comments

“The Legacy of Hugo Chavez Lives On”
A Conversation with Venezuela’s Ambassador to the UN

April 8, 2013

Dear Friend,

On Sunday, April 14 (just a few days away) the people of Venezuela will vote for a new president to succeed the late Hugo Chavez.

This election will be enormously significant, not just for Venezuela, but also for the entire Latin American and Caribbean region; indeed, in many respects, crucial to the destinies of many countries in the developing world.

There are reports circulating today that Washington is busy interfering in the election campaign with the objective of determining an outcome that will serve its imperial interests in the Americas.

I hope you can join me, and many others, in demanding that the State Department and the CIA stay out of the Venezuelan people’s internal affairs.

I also hope you can take a few minutes to watch a video interview that I conducted recently with Julio Rafael Escalona, Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations. The video is entitled “The Legacy of Hugo Chavez Lives On” and in it the ambassador speaks movingly about what Chavez and the ‘Chavista Movement’ means to the peoples of Venezuela, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

He also addresses the future of Venezuela’s international initiatives such as PetroCaribe, CELAC, ALBA , the heating oil assistance program in US cities like New York, Boston and Detroit etc. in the post-Chavez period.

If you like the video, feel free to post it to your Wall and share it with your Facebook friends and with those in your other networks, and if you have a Web site or blog please consider posting it there, as well. Thanks.

In solidarity,

Don Rojas


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