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Saving Caribbean Tourism from the Sea
Desmond Brown
Faced with the prospect of losing miles of beautiful white beaches – and the millions in tourist dollars that come with them – from erosion driven by climate change, Barbados is taking steps to protect its coastline as a matter of economic survival. “We need to be able to preserve those beaches. … MORE > >

In Eastern Caribbean, Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold
Desmond Brown
Christmas 2013 was the most “dreary and depressing” Don Corriette can remember in a very long time. “It was a bleak time. People obviously did not plan their Christmas to be like this,” said Corriette, 52, Dominica’s national disaster coordinator.3 Days of holiday preparations were swept away …MORE > >

Going Green Without Sinking into the Red
Peter Richards
Most Caribbean countries are famous for their sun, sand and warm sea breezes. Far fewer are known for their wide use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy. It is one of the failings of the region, which is characterised by high external debt, soaring energy costs, inequality, … MORE > >



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