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Justice Collab News No 09 – November 2016

By November 1, 2016July 16th, 2017Justice Collab News
Justice Collab News Issue No. 9 – November 2016

Featured Article, Pg 5 – Police Killings War on Drugs Mass incarceration, Critical Focus of the SOBWC IV. Pg 2 – The Pittsburgh Justice Collaborative (PJC) continues to support the development of two diversion initiatives – Northside Coalition for Fair Housing and The Northside Diversion Program. pg 3 – The District of Columbia Justice Collaborative (DCJC) has been in the fore front of addressing the issues and concerns regarding the shooting of African -American men and women. pg 4 – Philadelphia Regional Justice Collaborative (PRJC ) participated in the VOCA training that took place on July 23, at Mothers in Charge Executive office.


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