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Statement by Congressman Jonathan Jackson — 

I welcome the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry of Haiti. This resignation was long overdue but better late than never. This is a step in the right direction and now is the crucial task of supporting the people of Haiti to put together a transitional government to oversee the day to day running of the country, to restore peace, security, prepare for credible elections, and thus rebuild the economy and democratic institutions.

If the United States and our allies are serious about seeing a democratic and stable Haiti, we must support credible leadership including civil society groups such as the Montana Group, to make sure the transition process is credible and does not include convicted criminals or gang leaders/members who continue to rape, kill, and terrorized Haitians.

I also strongly appeal to the US, France, Canada, other allies to heed the urgent appeal of the United Nations for urgent humanitarian assistance. According to the UN, this year’s $674 million humanitarian appeal for Haiti is just 2.5 percent funded. With only $17 million pledged so for. This is unacceptable because we can do much better.

Both the US and France are indebted to Haiti – hefty price of about $21 billion in today’s currency, that Haiti paid France after independence; the Haitian victory over England and France saved the US from European dominance.

This is the time to seize the moment and do the right thing for Haiti.


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