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By Africans Rising for Unity, Justice, Peace and Dignity —

After a rigorous application, interview and scoring process, in which both internal and external candidates were assessed for the position of Africans Rising Movement Coordinator, we are delighted to announce that Hardi Yakubu has been selected as the new Africans Rising Movement Coordinator. Hardi has a long history of Pan-African organizing, and has served as the Africans Rising Interim Movement Coordinator since October 2022, prior to which he was the Africans Rising Engagement, Collaboration and Capacity Building Lead. Hardi comes from a movement background and has served in various mobilizing and advocacy roles with different institutions across the continent.

Hardi’s tenure as Movement Coordinator comes at a period in which Africans Rising is transitioning from a duo-Movement Coordinator leadership structure, to a mono-Movement Coordinator leadership structure. This leadership change is timely and crucial to the implementation of the Africans Rising 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, which will build upon the organisational resilience and robustness the movement established in its first five years. The Coordinating Collective (the governing board of Africans Rising) will however continue to be led by two Co-Chairs.

The next stage in the leadership transition process will involve mentoring, core team bonding and coaching sessions for Hardi with the support of a seasoned leadership transition coach. The Coordinating Collective and the Human Resources Consultant are working together to identify the leadership transition coach to manage the coaching process for the new Movement Coordinator.

Africans Rising is excited to have Hardi’s youthful perspective and passion for Pan-Africanism represented in this leadership role. He is a dedicated servant of Africans Rising, and we wish him well as he continues to support the movement and members in realizing the vision of the Africa We Want.

Source: Africans Rising for Unity, Justice, Peace and Dignity


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