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Easter Monday, April 1, 2024 — An urgent call for friends of Haiti to pray for a resolution for the horrific crisis in the first Black republic — Dr. Ron Daniels, Founder of the Haiti Support Project (HSP). #prayforhaiti #haiti

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Haiti on Fire, Part II: A Message for Barbecue: Be Like Malcolm

A Vantage Point Vignette by Dr. Ron Daniels — Haiti is on fire now in large part because of the terrorism being inflicted on the First Black Republic by a notorious gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, who goes by the name “Barbeque.”

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Also See Haiti on Fire, Part I.

Haiti on Fire, Part I: The Montana Accord Movement to the Rescue

A Vantage Point Vignette by Dr. Ron Daniels — Haiti, our first Black Republic, is a virtual failed state where vicious gangs tied to the parasitical elite, and gangs with their own wannabe leaders or criminal kingpins control most of the Capital of Port Au Prince and much of the country. Ariel Henry, an unelected, illegitimate, and inept “Prime Minister” has a tenuous hold over what passes for a “government.”

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Resolving the Crisis in Haiti: Dr. Ron Daniels delivers summary remarks at Rally/Forum

March 21, 2024, Washington, DC — Dr. Ron Daniels delivers closing remarks at Forum/Rally “Resolving the Critical Crisis in Haiti – The Role of the Montana Accord Movement”.

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