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Houston rappers are putting their money in the only African American bank in Houston Unity Bank in third ward.

Nipsey, And Others, Dispel Thug Image of Black Males

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Hutchinson Report — There are two stories that regularly make the rounds about men like Nipsey Hussle. The one story that should be routinely told, pointed to, and held up for all is the colossal refutation of the gangster and thug image much of the public holds of men such as Nipsey. Yet, this never gets more than passing mention. It took the massive media…

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Buy Black and Bank Black: Movement in the US Gains International Attention

By Video/Audio

Atlanta, GA — The “Buy Black” movement draws the attention of a French news outlet. In this video you’ll hear from Killer Mike (Rapper, Activist), Dr. Boyce Watkins (Author, Economist), and Sharif Abdul Malik (Founder, WeBuyBlack) who withdraws money from Bank of America to deposit into a Black owned bank. This video was originally posted on, September 27, 2016 Also See:  Newark As Model City National Town Hall…

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