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What a Black Power Attorney Tells Us About How to Handle a Biden/Harris Presidency

By Editors' Choice

By Nkechi Taifa — Time can be both friend and enemy, although it teaches us so much in either identity. I was in my first year of evening law school when Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, was born. Ronald Reagan was president and I was working fulltime during the day for an anti-apartheid organization under the tutelage of Dr. Jean Sindab, a badass, brilliant Black woman —…

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Black Lives Matter Rally Photo by David Geitgey Sierralupe,

America has its knee on the necks of Black & Brown People

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Don Rojas — Today America is at a crossroads, a turning point…at an intersection of the old imperial order at home and abroad with the birthing of a new order, “a new normal” if you will. For millions of people in America, the unprecedented street uprisings of the past 10 days offer a glimmer of hope that after 350 years of oppression, meaningful change may actually be on the…

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Black Power Movement / Civil Rights Movement

How the Black Power Movement Influenced the Civil Rights Movement

By Editors' Choice

With a focus on racial pride and self-determination, the Black Power movement argued that civil rights reforms did not go far enough to end discrimination against African Americans. By Sarah Pruitt, History — By 1966, the civil rights movement had been gaining momentum for more than a decade, as thousands of African Americans embraced a strategy of nonviolent protest against racial segregation and demanded equal rights under the law. But for an…

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The first of the century, the extensive history provides an in-depth look at the voices and bodies that shaped the century.

Author Releases Century’s ‘Most Extensive Pan-African History’

By Reparations

“African history is considered rather unimportant, but the history of the African diaspora isn’t considered at all,” Hakim Adi said. By teleSur — “Pan-Africanism: A History” a recently released book written by Professor Hakim Adi is seeking to explore and create discussion about Pan-Africanism around the world, a topic the author says often goes undiscussed. From the early 1900’s til now, in his new book “Pan-Africanism: A History” Professor Hakim Adi explores…

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A Post Mortem for Black Power

By Editors' Choice

By William Small — As one who for over half a century has actively tried to engage in the political process in order to empower African descendant peoples, I now find myself asking the question “what ever happened to Black Power”? I have been around long enough “to remember when”. I remember when there existed in Black communities a spirit that spoke to collective interests and common concerns. This was something beyond…

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