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Keep Your Statues and Movies!!! Give Us Our Reparations Now!!! - By Bashir Muhammad Akinyele

Keep Your Statues and Movies!!! Give Us Our Reparations Now!!!

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By Bashir Muhammad Akinyele — “The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.” (American dictionary on the definition of the word reparations) “if you stick a knife in my back nine inches, taking a knife out my back six inches is not progress. Progress is healing the wound the knife made is progress. Sometimes you even…

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Dr. Conrad Worrill

Dr. Conrad Worrill Joins the Realm of the Ancestors

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Dr. Conrad Worrill of Chicago, Illinois founding member and National Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF) from 1985-2009 has made his transition to the realm of the Holy African Egun (Ancestors). Our thoughts and prayers are extended to his wife Mrs. Talibah Worrill, his children, his brother, his grand-children and large extended family. Dr. Worrill’s contributions to NBUF are too numerous to fully account for. However, some efforts…

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Dr. Conrad Worrill

A Living Legend: Dr. Conrad Worrill

By Editors' Choice

By MG Media — Conrad Worrill (born August 15, 1941) is a writer, educator, activist, and former talk show host for the WVON call-in program On Target. Worrill’s activism has centered on the need for greater independence in African-American life and helping young people better understand the relationships between power and institutions. He’s still very active on the board of the Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI) in which he’s a founder member. He has remained…

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