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Amalgamated Bank endorses HR 40

By Reparations

Last year, Amalgamated Bank doubled-down on its commitment to racial justice initiatives. Catapulted by the cruel murder of George Floyd, the bank issued a statement supporting Black Lives Matter and publicly committed to 10 concrete actions to support racial justice, including the formation of a Racial Justice Task Force to build a more inclusive work environment. These efforts are built on the foundation that Amalgamated is America’s socially responsible bank…

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Biden touts his administration’s first steps on racial disparities

By News & Current Affairs

Regardless, civil rights advocates plan to push him to go big to eliminate disparities. By Maya King— The four executive orders President Joe Biden signed on Tuesday on advancing racial equity marked the new administration’s first major address of systemic racism. They signal that Biden plans to attack the problem with sweeping policy changes mandating cooperation across multiple federal agencies — a bold departure from previous administrations which rarely tackled racial inequities…

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Obama Didn’t Close the Racial Wealth Divide. Can Biden?

By Commentaries/Opinions

Dr. King called moderation the “great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom.” Biden should heed that warning today. By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad Tyler Bond— Twelve years ago, the inauguration of America’s first Black president had many Americans believing that a future free of racial discrimination and inequality was finally within reach. This year, as Obama’s former vice president Joe Biden takes office amid a surge in far-right violence, it’s clear…

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