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The scene of the murder of Jason Reuben Haynes, one of the 309 homicide victims in Baltimore last year.

The Tragedy of Baltimore

By Commentaries/Opinions

Since Freddie Gray’s death in 2015, violent crime has spiked to levels unseen for a quarter century. Inside the crackup of an American city. By Alec MacGillis, The New York Times — On April 27, 2015, Shantay Guy was driving her 13-year-old son home across Baltimore from a doctor’s appointment when something — a rock, a brick, she wasn’t sure what — hit her car. Her phone was turned off,…

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Slave Shackles

The Real “Looting”: From Slavery to Policing and Beyond

By Editors' Choice

By Adam Hudson, Truthout — In April, another unarmed Black person was killed by police. Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American male, was arrested by Baltimore police on April 12, given a “rough ride” and a week later died of a spinal cord injury he received in the police van. Much has been, and will still be, written about Baltimore. However, one word that has been overused in that coverage is “riot.”…

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