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‘We want the world to see’: Colombia protesters’ demands grow in face of police brutality

By News & Current Affairs

By Joshua Collins — BOGOTA, Colombia – Juan Carlos Neiva says he is part of “Primero Linea,” the “First Line,” a group of protesters who actively engage riot police in running street battles. He holds a homemade wooden shield, painted with the phrase “For education, and for the fallen.” His face is covered by a black T-shirt wrapped around his head. “The Colombian people are yelling and we want the world…

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As Haiti dives deeper into chaos, opposition tries forming parallel government

By News & Current Affairs

Haitians awoke Monday to empty streets, a tightened police presence and a deeper political crisis: Now there are two men who claim to be the nation’s president. By Jacqueline Charles— Opposition and civil society groups installed Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis, 72, the oldest member of Haiti’s Supreme Court, late Sunday as president for two years. In a video shared on social media, Jean-Louis, sitting next to a Haitian flag, said he…

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Donald Trump

How Fascism Has Converged With Capitalism to Redefine Government

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Richard D. Wolff — The looming election has brought forward intensifying debates over a capitalism in crisis, rising nationalism and state power, and the possibility of a renewed fascism. Polarized politics and ideologies alongside long-accumulated social problems and movements shape the objects and tones of debate. Can fascism happen here; is it underway? Or can current capitalism avoid a return to fascism? Such questions reflect the high stakes of the election and this moment in history. Should the state—the…

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