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Police Brutality

The Function of Black Rage

By Commentaries/Opinions

When the tête-à-tête between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait over black culture, the “culture of poverty,” President Obama, Paul Ryan and American racism started, it was somewhat fascinating, but has become what Tressie McMillan Cottom described as “a nasty piece of cornbread.” It has left a rotten taste in my mouth. That’s mostly because, as congenial as the two have been toward one another, I detect in Chait’s argument one of my greatest pet peeves: a white person attempting to talk a black person down from their justifiable rage.

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Cesar Chavez Comes to Life In Film About California’s Heroic Labor Leader

By News & Current Affairs

It’s unfortunate that the name of a civil rights leader is seen posthumously on street signs throughout America, but is rarely found in the curriculum of grade school social studies. In 2011, when President Barrack Obama proclaimed March 31 a national holiday for Cesar Chavez, the call was issued with vague urges of “appropriate service” and “community” that hardly seemed to quantify Chavez’s complex politics.

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