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David Comissiong

Ambassador David Comissiong’s most recent Address on Reparations

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Address by Ambassador David Comissiong to the West and Central Africa Conference on the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent Organized by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights and the African Union Dakar, Senegal (23-24 October, 2019). In 1834, after 225 years of relentless rebellion by our enslaved ancestors, slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire: and the methodology devised by the British Government for the…

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The Black Press USA’s series on Slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

By Reparations

The Black Press USA is the Web site of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), an umbrella grouping of over 200 African-American newspapers spread across the USA. The NNPA has launched a global news feature series on the history, contemporary realities and implications of the transatlantic slave trade. Read the entire series below: Part I. UN Observes International Remembrance of Slave Trade Part II. The Catholic Church Played Major Role…

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Slavery Routes: For All the Gold in the World

By Reparations, Video/Audio

To expand their wealth, the Portuguese set up the slave trade, in which Africa was the centre. Filmmakers: Daniel Cattier, Juan Gelas and Fanny Glissant — At the end of the Middle Ages, Europe opened up to the world and discovered that it was at the margins of the world’s main area for wealth generation: Africa. Portuguese explorers were the first to set out to conquer Africa’s gold. When explorers…

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Joana Gorjão Henriques

A White Journalist Discovers the Lie of Portugal’s Colonial Past

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Joana Gorjão Henriques has been a journalist at the leading national daily in Portugal, Público, since 2000; a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in 2010; and a contributor to The Guardian. She is mainly a long-form writer who reports on racism, discrimination and social injustice. NOTE: Joana Gorjão Henriques describes herself as “white”. But, in the US (and many other countries), she would not be “white”… but, rather, a nonwhite Latina….

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