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The War on Critical Race Theory

By Editors' Choice

By David Theo Goldberg — According to the right, a specter is haunting the United States: the specter of critical race theory (CRT). On the eve of losing the presidency, Donald Trump issued an executive order in September banning “diversity and race sensitivity training” in government agencies, including all government “spending related to any training on critical race theory.” He was prompted, apparently, by hearing an interview with conservative activist Christopher Rufo on Fox…

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Lawmakers protect police at the expense of demonstrators

By News & Current Affairs

By J.S. Adams, Contributing Writer — Over the past 10 months, protesters fighting for racial equality have faced challenges from police departments and governments. Now, they face more challenges, as state and federal lawmakers introduce legislation aimed at cracking down on demonstrators. The majority of them, on the Republican front, say this is in direct response to violent riots the country witnessed following the death of George Floyd. Some have…

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People march towards the Washington Monument at the Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC 6/6/2020

‘Racism is in the bones of our nation’: Will Joe Biden answer ‘cry’ for racial justice?

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Chris McGreall— In his first few minutes as America’s new president, Joe Biden made a promise so sweeping that it almost seemed to deny history. “We can deliver racial justice,” Biden pledged to his factious nation. It wasn’t a commitment presented in any detail as he moved on to asserting that America would again be the leading force for good in the world, a claim that draws its own…

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Obama Didn’t Close the Racial Wealth Divide. Can Biden?

By Commentaries/Opinions

Dr. King called moderation the “great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom.” Biden should heed that warning today. By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad Tyler Bond— Twelve years ago, the inauguration of America’s first Black president had many Americans believing that a future free of racial discrimination and inequality was finally within reach. This year, as Obama’s former vice president Joe Biden takes office amid a surge in far-right violence, it’s clear…

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