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Our System Is Rigged so the Minority Can Rule

By Editors' Choice

The Electoral College, Republican gerrymandering and the filibuster are all examples of how American democracy is at risk. By Jesse Jackson— The majority does not rule in the United States. The foundation of any democracy — one person, one vote — is mocked by institutionalized impediments that allow the minority to win even when they lose at the ballot box. In this era, even when Democrats win, they lose. And…

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While the G.I. Bill and other post-World War II policies helped to build a strong middle class, many of those benefits were not extended to black families—just one factor that led to the racial wealth gap seen today. (Photo: @LadyLSpeaks/Twitter)

1619, 1776, and Family Separation: How We Move Child Welfare Forward with Equity

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Dr. Sharon McDaniel— Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris, During the campaign, I saw your signs touting the phrase, “Our best days still lie ahead.” But what do “best days” look like for our children and families? As CEO of a nationally recognized kinship care service agency, a Black mother and a former child of the foster care system, I can say issues of racism remain problematic in child welfare services. I’ve dealt with the…

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