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‘We want the world to see’: Colombia protesters’ demands grow in face of police brutality

By News & Current Affairs

By Joshua Collins — BOGOTA, Colombia – Juan Carlos Neiva says he is part of “Primero Linea,” the “First Line,” a group of protesters who actively engage riot police in running street battles. He holds a homemade wooden shield, painted with the phrase “For education, and for the fallen.” His face is covered by a black T-shirt wrapped around his head. “The Colombian people are yelling and we want the world…

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Let’s be real: it’s bigger than temporary solidarity

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Aminat Ibn Yusif — Social media has made it so that a number of people can now see the many injustices committed against our people on camera, including the many assaults, cases of harassment and murder. However, in recent events, as many Black people continue to fight for their lives, a lot of those who like to portray themselves as allies use the Black Lives Matter movement as a…

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How a Shared Goal to Dismantle White Supremacy Is Fueling Black-Asian Solidarity

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Kat Moon — Black and Asian Solidarity Run at Union Square in New York City on March 21. A large crowd of people came together to show their support for the Asian community after the spa killings that occurred recently in Atlanta. Nikki Ogunnaike had participated in Running to Protest’s rallies before, but never with her friend of more than 10 years, Lisa Lu. But on March 21, the…

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