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Honoring Dr. Patricia Newton

Dr. Patricia Newton, Rest in power tribute

By Black Family Summit News, News & Current Affairs

Honoring Dr. Patricia Newton. We pour libation for Dr. Patricia A. Newton, an African-centered psychiatrist, traditionalist, elder, & our dear sister in honor of her passing and her life. Her spirit will live on eternally through her contributions to getting our people’s minds right. About Dr. Patricia A. Newton Dr. Patricia A. Newton was an internationally acclaimed psychiatrist, thought leader, scholar, lecturer, published author, pioneer, and traditional Ghanaian Royal. Above…

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#SayTheirNames: Papoose pays “Tribute” to Black Lives lost at the hands of Police and Racial Violence

By Editors' Choice

Brooklyn born rap artist Shamele “Papoose” Mackie released a tribute to the countless victims of Police and Racial Violence in the US. In this tribute he reminds us of their names.. in alphabetical order. See Lyrics “Tribute” by Papoose A Amadou Diallo was shot nineteen times The police fired forty-one shots combined Mistaken identity, they had to admit it When they went to trial, all four officers got acquitted Ahmaud Arbery, his skin made…

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Lewis Myers Jr., Renowned Civil Rights Lawyer, dies

Lewis Myers Jr., Renowned Civil Rights Lawyer, dies

By News & Current Affairs

Lewis Myers Jr., a famed civil rights attorney and former NAACP deputy director, has died. Myers died Thursday night in a Chicago rehab facility after complications from surgery, the Chicago Crusader reported. Myers, who tried hundreds of cases across the nation, was a member of the Illinois Bar, the Bar of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Bar of the Federal Appellate Court for the Third Circuit, the Bar…

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April 30th Special Edition of Vantage Point — Countdown to the “Professor’s Retirement at York College/CUNY

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Topic: Countdown to the “The Professor’s” Retirement — A Tribute to York College, City University of New York. Guests: Dr. Marcia Keizs (President, York College), Dr. Vincent Banrey (Vice-President of Student Development, York College), Vica Mars, Executive Assistant to the Vice-President of Student Development, York College), Dr. Selena Rodgers (Associate Professor of Social Work, York College), Dr. George White (Chairman, Depart. of History, Philosophy and Anthropology, York College) and Dr. Anthony Andrews (Higher Education Associate, Student Activities, York College)

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