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Activists of Color Lead Charge Against Surveillance, NSA

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By Rania Khalek, Truthout “We been exposed to this type of surveillance since we got here,” declared Kymone Freeman, director of the National Black LUV Fest as he emceed the historic rally against NSA surveillance in Washington, DC. He continued, “Drones is a form of surveillance. Racial profiling is a form of surveillance. Stop-and-frisk is a form of surveillance. We all black today!” This was the mood that characterized the…

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Africa News In Brief (10/29/13)

By Africa News in Brief

UGLY CHANTS BY SOCCER FANS MAR ‘NO TO RACISM’ WEEK Oct. 29 (GIN) – African soccer stars came under a hail of racist chanting at a recent Champions League match by Russians in Moscow last week. The incident highlighted the failure of official anti-racism efforts, particularly this week’s “Football (soccer) Against Racism in Europe Action Week” organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Jeers from the Moscow stadium…

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