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Concerned Communities for America: “An African American Studies course is vital to include in the Advanced Placement curriculum available to America’s high school students”.

Washington, D.C./January 26, 2023 – Today, Concerned Communities for America (CCA) applauded the College Board for agreeing to revise its Advanced Placement African American Studies curriculum in response to objections raised by the Florida Department of Education, with the following statement from CCA board chairman E.W. Jackson, speaking on behalf of fellow board members including DaQuawn Bruce, Marc Little, and Ken Blackwell:

“It is commendable that Advanced Placement curriculum includes black history, but it should be history, not political indoctrination. It is encouraging that the College Board has agreed to revise its pilot course in order to address the legitimate concerns raised by the Florida Department of Education and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Bishop E. W. Jackson

Bishop E. W. Jackson

“The original version of this course included a number of problematic elements, including ‘Black Queer Studies’ and ‘The Reparations Movement.’ A section on Black Lives Matter also merits further inspection to ensure that it does not glorify or echo the values of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which has been exposed as a radical, self-enriching, neo-Marxist organization that openly supports property destruction and violence against police officers.

“Florida officials endured a great deal of criticism for their initial rejection of this course, but the College Board itself has now conceded that their criticisms were valid. The result should be a better, more well-rounded ‘African American Studies’ course that allows students to learn about this important topic without being subjected to bias or political indoctrination.”

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