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Dr. Julius Garvey - February 22, 2020 IBW21 Pan African Unity Dialogue (PAUD) Meeting.

Photo of Dr. Julius Garvey during a February 2020 IBW21 Pan African Unity Dialogue (PAUD) meeting.

The Institute of the Black World 21st Century has scheduled a Pan African Conference for April 19 – 23 in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss issues of relevance to the Global African Community.

At this time of international crises and transformation of global hegemonic systems of dominance, it is important that African civilization norms and prescriptions for sustainable development be formalized and structured as we repair the damage caused by the last 500 years of European materialism, industrialization and oppressive dehumanization.

Topics to be discussed include the unification of the continent via rail, road, airways, language and customs union to facilitate the African continental free trade agreement. Trade, commerce, investment and closer formalized ties with the Diaspora. Climate change, environmental pollution and reparations for the ravages caused by the slave trade, colonialism, neo-colonialism, and the Bretton Woods consensus.

Invited guests include many heads of state of African and Caribbean countries, political leaders, civil rights and human rights activists.

The expected outcome is a dynamic agenda for African unity, healing and empowerment as we create our humanized social and geopolitical presence for the future and secure our position for the new world order.

Julius W. Garvey, M.D., O.J.
Honorary Chairman

State of the Black World Conference V

SOBWC V to be held April 19 – 23, 2023 at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hilton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Theme: Global Africans Rising – Empowerment, Reparations and Healing.

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IBW21 (The Institute of the Black World 21st Century) is committed to enhancing the capacity of Black communities in the U.S. and globally to achieve cultural, social, economic and political equality and an enhanced quality of life for all marginalized people.