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By Jason Easley —

A White House aide leaked to the press that Trump’s real plan for 2018 is to exploit cultural issues to fire up Republican voters ahead of the midterms by dividing the country with racism.

Axios reported:

A source close to the White House tells me that with an eye to getting Republicans excited about voting for Republicans in midterms, the president this year will be looking for “unexpected cultural flashpoints” — like the NFL and kneeling — that he can latch onto in person and on Twitter. The source said Trump “is going to be looking for opportunities to stir up the base, more than focusing on any particular legislation or issue.”

Division is a strategy for Trump

Trump is willfully ignorant because he refuses to learn. The President is also devoid of knowledge, but he does have a strategy, and that strategy is to divide as many people along racial and cultural lines as possible. Trump knows he and his party are unpopular, so the way for Republicans to win in 2018 is to divide the electorate and make his supporters the most energized and likely to vote. From starting fights with non-white athletes to trying to ban transgender persons from the military, everything Trump does is an effort to divide the nation while enraging his supporters.

Racism is the Trump plan for 2018

Republicans in Congress are planning on not passing any new major legislation this year. The tax cuts were it. Republican candidates are going to run on the tax cuts, while Trump fires up the base with racism. The way for non-Trump voters to counter this strategy is to use it as a motivational tool for the 60%-65% of the country that doesn’t support Trump. Run against the bigotry, sexism, and racism. Democrats have done a great job with recruiting a diverse group of candidates.

The 2018 election will be a moral and cultural campaign for Democrats. Trump wants to fire up the base with racism and division, but all are really doing is guaranteeing that this election will be about Donald Trump.


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