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Central American migrants hesitate as others climb the Mexico-US border fence in an attempt to cross to San Diego county, in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico.

Fleeing a hell the US helped create: why Central Americans journey north

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The region’s inequality and violence, in which the US has long played a role, is driving people to leave their homes By Julian Borger, The Guradian — Jakelin Caal Maquín, the seven-year-old Guatemalan girl who died this month in US custody, is the latest victim of a long, dysfunctional relationship between the US and its southern neighbours that has cost countless lives over the past half-century. The forces driving ordinary people to…

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A woman dressed as death stands in front of Honduran security forces during protests in the capital, Tegucigalpa, with a sign that reads, "JOH [Juan Orlando Hernández] our deaths are on your conscience.

Inside the Corruption and Repression Forcing Hondurans to Flee to the US

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Migrants are leaving not only because they fear gang violence, but because they are terrified of the brutal government. By Peter Tinti, Vice — Nineteen-year-old taxi driver Diego is not interested in politics. But his hometown of El Progreso—a transit hub in central Honduras, where everyone seems to have a friend or relative who has “gone north” to the US—has long been a hotbed of popular resistance. In 1954, workers…

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Garifuna Coalition USA

New York-based Group to Celebrate Garifuna Heritage

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The month-long celebrations will give the people in New York City a chance to recognize and appreciate Garifuna history and traditions. The New York City-based Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc, is marking the month of May as the Garifuna-America heritage month, to commemorate the 221st anniversary of the forced displacement of the Garifuna people by the British from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines on March 11th, 1797, and their settlement…

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