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Africans walk in the "Little Africa" district of Guangzhou, China on Mar. 1, 2018.

‘This Is Discrimination.’ Africans in One of China’s Major Cities Say They Are Targets After a Spike in COVID-19

By COVID-19 (Coronavirus), News & Current Affairs

By Hillary Leung, Time — Jay has been locked in his apartment in the southern Chinese megacity of Guangzhou since April 9—when a doctor, local official and a translator delivered a mandatory quarantine order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The order came despite the fact that he hasn’t traveled in three months, is showing no symptoms of the disease and hasn’t come into contact with anyone who has tested positive. The English teacher,…

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The Powell administration building at Central State Hospital in Georgia in the 1930s.

How America Has Racialized Medicine During Epidemics

By Commentaries/Opinions, COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As data emerges that African Americans are suffering disproportionately from Covid-19, medical practices from past epidemics shed light on a history of racism. By Brentin Mock, CityLab — Just a month ago, there was chatter about how African Americans have a unique racial immunity to the novel coronavirus. Now that data is emerging that African Americans are actually contracting Covid-19 at alarming rates, the new chatter is just the opposite: that African…

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Tourists wearing mask on an empty street during COVID 19 pandemic lockdown in Singapore. Bars are closed.

World Bank sees plunge in Latin America, Caribbean economies

By COVID-19 (Coronavirus), News & Current Affairs

The World Bank says that the new coronavirus pandemic could send economies tumbling by 4.6% this year across Latin America and the Caribbean, and that could force governments to take ownership stakes in struggling major businesses. By John Rice, AP — The new coronavirus pandemic could send economies tumbling by 4.6% this year across Latin America and the Caribbean, forcing governments to take ownership stakes in struggling…

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COVID-19 Ravages Communities Marginalized By White Supremacy

By Black Family Summit News, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), News & Current Affairs, Video/Audio

Video: Jacqueline Luqman from The Real News Network talks with Dr. Ron Daniels about how America’s legacy of white supremacy has marginalized Black communities with redlining, segregation, poverty, and lack of access. Combating the history of abuse and mistrust is key to surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. Story Transcript: This is a rush transcript and may contain errors. It will be updated. Jacqueline L.: This is Jacqueline Luqman with The Real…

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