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Former vice president Mike Pence gives a speech in Budapest on Sept. 23.

The GOP alliance with Europe’s far-right deepens

By News & Current Affairs

What was once a notional solidarity between nationalists on both sides of the Atlantic is turning into something more durable. By Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post — Toward the end of last month, a major right-wing summit in Hungary had a conspicuous guest. Former vice president Mike Pence joined Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and a coterie of other illiberal, nationalist leaders from the continent in a two-day conference in Budapest…

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What makes a country great?

By Commentaries/Opinions

‘Richer than Hungary’ is a sadly low bar for the United States. By Ryan Cooper, The Week — The right is in love with Hungary. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson broadcast his show from there recently, and met with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán — who has turned that country into a corrupt, authoritarian psuedo-democracy. Carlson and other right-wingers like writer Rod Dreher admire Orbán because they want to copy his program and direct state repression against their political…

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